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About the Portfolio

As software architects, we are concerned with design structure, interoperability, testability, manageability, and scalability. Multiprocessing and distributed processing has long been a special interest of ours. Scala, Akka and NoSQL are important tools for us.

Breaking systems into components is an important part of any project. Defining subsytem behavior and assigning functionality is a skill that is born of experience. For small projects, we usually create all the subsystems and write tests, when appropriate. For medium-sized projects, we usually specify the system, manage implementation, and perform integration. For larger projects, we also specify the integration and system test procedures.

When we provide mentoring we prefer to use video conferencing as much as possible.

Once Upon a Time...

A few years ago, Flex data services and web services were featured in most of the projects that we worked on, including one or more of the following:

  1. Remote procedure calls to servers
  2. Web services and/or REST
  3. Messaging
    1. Publish-subscribe
    2. Peer-to-peer
  4. Proxy support
  5. Data replication, synchronization
  6. Streaming data

We did a lot of work with BlazeDS and LiveCycle DS, and provided bug fixes for the source code. Michael Slinn also oversaw a documentation makeover for GraniteDS. We used client-side and server-side unit testing to verify desired behavior. BlazeDS and LiveCycle DS were based on Java Servlet technology. Today we work with Play Framework, Scala, JavaScript variants and HTML5 to accomplish similar results, but with higher throughput and lower latency.

Invisible Samples

Much of our work is in server-side interaction, which has no visual component. Most of our clients have retained us for applications that run behind a firewall, or that are accessible only to clients. With that said, this portfolio shows images and videos for some of the projects we have worked on.

Click on the Portfolio menu item above and select the various pages of sample projects that we have worked on. The portfolio includes:

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