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Micronautics Cadenza enables publishers and course authors to create and deliver online training. Cadenza is a 'white label' product that can be branded, and it powers sites like ScalaCourses.com. View the free lectures that show how publishers and course authors can use the many features provided by Cadenza to author, publish and deliver content.

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Jamie Allen
Director of Consulting

"One of the greatest benefits of using Scala is seamless integration with Java, both the huge number of existing Java libraries in the open source ecosystem as well as an organization's legacy applications. Scala gives you the ability to instantaneously leverage the tremendous investment your organization has made on the Java Platform, while taking advantage of advanced features such as the functional programming style, rich collections library and asynchronous implementations it provides.

"Few have done more to promote and enable this than Mike Slinn of Micronautics Research. Mike has been a tremendous resource for developers looking to leverage Scala to and from Java, presenting useful tips for understanding bytecode-level interfaces and how to maximize your productivity in such an environment. Mike's tireless contributions to the Scala community over the years via meetups and educational material reflect his dedication to the language and his ability to succinctly communicate more advanced concepts to those looking to unlock the power of Scala within their organizations."

About the Instructor

Mike Slinn is a hands-on software architect with over 35 years of experience. Mike is currently publisher and managing editor of ScalaCourses.com, and is the author of three books, including Composable Futures with Akka 2.0 with Java and Scala. During his tenure as the primary organizer of Bay Area Scala Enthusiasts Mike grew the organization into the largest Scala user group in the world. Mike has published over fifty technical articles in software magazines, has taught at the computer science departments of Carleton University and the British Columbia Institute of Technology, and has criss-crossed three continents teaching computer science topics. Mike has worked on several cases in US federal court as a software expert.

Corporate Training

Does your company need on-site training, or would a combination of online training with mentoring be a better fit? Please contact us to enhance your software development capabilities with Scala.

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