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Reinventing Online Training

Micronautics Cadenza is a content authoring and delivery platform for online training and support.

Micronautics Cadenza enables publishers and course authors to create and deliver online training. Cadenza is a 'white label' product that can be branded, and it powers sites like ScalaCourses.com.

Who Benefits From Cadenza?

  • Traditional publishers who want to provide a better learning experience
  • Authors who want to publish their courseware or seminars online
  • Companies that sell products which require educated customers
  • Companies that provide technical support and want to reduce costs
  • Companies that sell support contracts and want to make their support offering more attractive

Highlights of Cadenza

  • Content can be authored either online or offline
  • Clear and easy workflow from video capture to upload and multiple-device transcoding
  • Drag and drop image upload to embed in transcripts
  • Sophisticated asset management system
  • Transcripts are fully searchable and printable in PDF format
  • Content is broken down into highly focused topics in a hierarchy
  • Various publisher, author and user roles are defined and each role has different access and editing privileges

Micronautics Cadenza can be a powerful tool for enhancing revenue. Please contact us to learn more!

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