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Micronautics Research is a software firm that performs original research on blockchain, artificial intelligence, provides advanced training and assessments for individual programmers and organizations, and develops custom software for clients.

We architect and implement software products and custom software, monitor client projects and rescue projects in trouble. Mike Slinn, Distinguished Engineer, internationally recognized software expert and founder of Micronautics Research, has developed and sold software products since 1986, and performed technology evaluations since 1985. Mike provides evaluations of software development organizations and individuals, processes, technology, and leads code reviews. Would your organization benefit from an independent assessment? We have years of experience assessing projects and teams, and are well-known as Scala mentors.

Micronautics Research developed and manages Cadenza, a white-label online training platform provided as software as a service (SaaS). Cadenza powers ScalaCourses.com, an online training site dedicated to providing Scala-based training. You can learn more about our Scala and Play Framework training at getscala.com.

We developed EmpathyWorks, an artificial personality module for AI systems – and this research program has made a lot of progress over the last 10 years.

We have been engaged as expert witnesses in the US and Europe.

Michael Slinn, Principal

Mike is a Principal at Micronautics Research and Managing Editor of ScalaCourses.com, a site owned and operated by Micronautics Research. A hands-on manager, Mike still writes a lot of code, and writes a lot of course material.

Mike is a polymath – a person whose expertise spans a significant number of different subject areas and draws on complex bodies of knowledge to solve problems. Mike has over forty years of experience as a software professional. He focuses on value creation, including business drivers, technology and development methodology. Mike has published 3 books and dozens of technical articles for software and engineering magazines.

Mike has been recognized as an software expert in US federal court since 2003 and by a European ITC tribunal in 2014. Mike consults on contractual and patent disputes for plaintiffs and defendants alike.

Mike received an Electronics Engineering degree in 1979 from Carleton University in Ottawa. Carleton's EE program was unique because it taught a systems approach that included both hardware and software. Mike was certified as a Professional Engineer in British Columbia from 1985 until 2003; after he emigrated to the US in 1998 he found there was no benefit to maintaining his Canadian PE status or converting it to an equivalent US PE status.

Since 1985, Mike has done technology evaluations for investors and underwriters for companies going public. He has worked with distributed systems since the late 1970s, including Telidon and Nabu (“the Internet before the Internet”), with Java and Java-powered servers since 1996, and with Adobe Flex from 2004 until the product's demise in November 2011. Mike has worked with functional programming starting with Lisp in 1986 and continuing with Scala today.

Mike's resume, also provided in long form for attorneys.

Mike's personal site: mslinn.com; Blog; LinkedIn; Twitter; YouTube; SlideShare

Bill Bourne, Course Author

Bill is an co-author of the Introduction to Scala and Intermediate Scala courses at ScalaCourses.com. He is passionate about technology, software development practices, and the human side of technology development. Currently Bill is an organizer of the Gatineau-Ottawa Agile Tour Conference and the Agile Ottawa Meet-Up. When he's not working he can be found cycling or taking photos.

Bill was a founder of a video games start-up, had 2 games on the Billboard top 40, and wrote applications for Apple and Microsoft. He spent 20 years in the telecommunications industry developing firmware for phones, embedded software for optical network elements, and network management software. Bill has been an architect, a product manager, and held various management positions over the years, including senior manager and director-level positions. In the mid-2000s Bill sat on the Java Community Process Executive Committee (JCP-EC) overseeing the development of Java and JEE standards. Bill received an Electronics Engineering degree in 1978 from Carleton University in Ottawa.

Bill consults as a software expert in the areas of:

  • “The Internet before the Internet” – one and two-way videotext systems and their applications over both telephone and cable TV, similar to today's internet.
  • Large-scale distributed systems technologies.
  • Software quality, methodology, and delivery in the areas of process, practices, and architecture.

Click to download Bill's resume.

Bill's personal site: sourceform.ca; LinkedIn; Twitter

Jim Rogers, Online Games Expert

Jim is best known for assembling and managing the engineering teams and online development and operations groups for The Sims 4 franchise, which became the top selling franchise in PC video game history. A 20-year veteran of Electronic Arts, Jim worked his way up from Software Engineer to Senior Director of Product Development. A passionate technologist, Jim got deeply involved with development methodology, and negotiated agreements with multiple parties within and external to EA.

Prior to working at EA, Jim wrote software for digital image processing and video production tools for post-production, film and print, and developed high-performance real-time computing technology for rapid computation of terrain information for US Air Force simulators. Jim received a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering in 1987 from the State University of New York at Buffalo.

Jim consults as a software expert in the areas of:

  • Large-scale, fault-tolerant distributed systems;
  • High-performance multimedia development systems;
  • Video game hardware and software;
  • Software quality, methodology, and delivery in the areas of process, practices, and architecture.

Click to download Jim's resume.


Micronautics Research works with world-class subcontractors on a per-project basis. If you would like to contribute, please tell us about yourself.

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