I participated in a keynote panel discussion on the future of blockchain August 28, 2018 at the Global Big Data Conference in Santa Clara. From left to right: Hayden Kirkpatrick, VP of Strategy at Esurance (moderator); Karen Hsu, CRO at BlockXypher; Steve Beauregard, CRO at Bloq; Mike Slinn, CTO at Micronautics Research (holding the microphone); Mark Javier, Account Executive at Ambisafe; and Camille Sanandaji, CEO at Foodstems.

This is such a good photo of me and Bob Summerwill in San Francisco August 2018 that I just want to show it!

go-ethereum Code Walkthrough

This will be a technical talk for beginner to advanced Go programmers who would like to learn how the go-ethereum code base is structured. The well-known geth Ethereum client is one of the many programs defined by this project. I am writing my notes for this presentation. Your comments are invited!

Smart Contracts and Machine Learning

It seems natural that machine learning and smart contracts will commonly be integrated over the next few years.

Mike Slinn presented "Smart Contracts That Learn” at the Global Blockchain Conference, April 3, 2018 Santa Clara. This was a 40-minute technical presentation. Slides are here.

InfoQ.com published the presentation in their unique format, featuring synchronized video & transcript. A full-length (70 minute) version of this presentation was recorded at IBM Ottawa on May 28, 2018; a video is expected shortly. Here are the slides for the full-length version.

Mike can tailor this subject matter for various audiences, please contact him if you would like him to address a group that your are associated with.

Images from the SVIEF Blockchain Conference at Stanford University March 24, 2018.

Polyglot Ethereum Smart Contracts for the Enterprise

‘Polyglot’ means “of many languages”, and we believe that enterprises that integrate smart contracts into their infrastructure will require solutions that incorporate many simultaneous software languages, libraries and runtime environments, all working as one in a distributed environment. Some of our smart-contract work is Ethereum-specific and some is general in nature.

We anticipate significant need for system integration and are interested in distributed consensus / blockchain / cryptocurrency architecture and features that support enterprise needs.

Mike Slinn presented "Polyglot Ethereum Smart Contracts for the Enterprise" at the World Crypto Economic Forum in San Francisco, January 16, 2018. Here is his slide deck.