CadenzaOnline Training Content Authoring and Delivery Platform

Micronautics Cadenza is a content authoring and delivery platform for online training.

  • Enables publishers and course authors to create and deliver highly effective online training using a minimum of resources.
  • A ‘white label’ product, designed to be branded.
  • Affiliate marketing features with automated support for splitting revenue.
  • Powers sites like
  • Provided as a service (SaaS); Micronautics operates and maintains Cadenza instances on behalf of client publishers.

Micronautics Research can provide guidance and mentoring to publishers, including recommended workflow and operational policies. Other services are also available, including script writing, editing, production and post-production.

Who Benefits From Cadenza?

  • Traditional publishers who want to provide a better learning experience
  • Authors who want to publish their courseware or seminars online
  • Companies that sell products which require educated customers
  • Companies that provide technical support and want to reduce costs
  • Companies that sell support contracts and want to make their support offering more attractive

Cadenza Highlights

  • Live publishing platform makes it easy for publisher to maintain up-to-date content, which makes it possible to sell student enrollments on a subscription basis.
  • Content can be authored either online or offline.
  • Role based – A user's roles determines what they are allowed to do. The currently visible roles are:
    • Publishers decide business issues, such as pricing, when courses are released, hiring and workflow.
    • Authors write courses and make videos.
    • Videographers create videos from content created by authors.
    • Teaching Assistants provide support to students, which helps them learn.
    • Students can view course content that they are enrolled for, and download programming projects.
    • Visitors can view free course content.
  • Flexible workflow includes scripting, audio recording, video capture, post-production, upload and transcoding for multiple devices.
  • Asset management.
  • Transcripts are fully searchable and printable in PDF format.
  • Revision History support per lecture and per course
  • Content is automatically cross-referenced which enables cross-selling between multiple courses.
  • Credit card processing integration for non-free courses.
  • Mailchimp integration for marketing purposes.

Micronautics Cadenza can be a powerful tool for enhancing revenue. Please contact us to learn more!