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Thought leaders in Enterprise Software Development

"Micronautics Research is a trusted resource and thought leader in the design, development and integration of enterprise applications."

James Ward, Sr. Principal Evangelist, Heroku

Micronautics Research is a custom software development firm that applies leading edge technologies to enterprise computing. Our extensive experience in real-world software development often extends the state of the art for demanding project needs.

Software Development Services

Micronautics Research architects and implements custom software, monitors client contractors, rescues projects in trouble and provides mentoring. Learn more about our software development services, view our portfolio and purchse our technical publications.

What We Build

  • Scala-powered servers, clients and applications using Akka when large computations are required
  • Real-time client-server web applications that scale to hundreds of thousands of simultaneous users
  • Emotion simulation plug-ins for AI systems

Take a look at some of the custom applications and libraries we have built, including Cadenza™, and online training platform, and EmpathyWorks™, an artificial personality module for AI systems.

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